Cairns Aquarium is dedicated to the conservation of the animals and plants that live in two adjoining World Heritage listed areas, the Great Barrier Reef and The Wet Tropics in addition to the Gulf Savannah and Cape York. These ecosystems have earnt their status because they are amongst the most biodiverse regions on earth containing an extremely rich variety of Australian animals and plants, many of which are endemic, rare or threatened.

The Cairns Aquarium team aims to foster a culture of sustainability that supports the conservation goals of the organization and the greater public, while building a strong legacy of environmental stewardship for the Wet Tropics and all eco-systems worldwide. The Cairns Aquarium is also committed to development and implementation of policies, partnerships, initiatives, and programs that integrate environmentally conscious practices into the Aquarium’s daily operations and convey a fundamental message of conservation.

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If we are to protect these amazing ecosystems and their wildlife for future generations, we must first understand them. The Cairns Aquarium has dedicated Research and Development (R & D) programs that help us learn more about the extraordinary diversity of animals and plants, how they interact and the impacts of the many changes and pressures currently being experienced on these natural systems in the modern world. The outcomes of this research will also play a significant role in educating the community about their natural environment and how best to live with it - to conserve, appreciate and enjoy it.

Dedicated Research Programs

  • Freshwater Sawfish Reproductive (Bio-Technology Development)
  • Emerald Tree Monitor Reproductive (Bio-Technology Development)

Environmental Research

Work Experience and Volunteering

The Cairns Aquarium Volunteer and Work Experience Programs will provide opportunities to experience Aquarium life first hand and allow passionate people to help us protect and conserve the biodiversity of our World Heritage listed ecosystems. Volunteer and Work Experience Programs are coming soon. 

Work Experience


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We exist to inspire people all over the world to respect, protect and conserve the Great Barrier Reef and the North Queensland tropical rainforest...


The Cairns Aquarium is a place of learning, fun and discovery! Encourage students’ innate curiosity for the amazing creatures of the Great Barrier Reef and the ..

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