Privacy Policy

All persons entering Cairns Aquarium are admitted subject to the following Terms and Conditions


COVID Statement of Compliance:
Cairns Aquarium COVID Statement of Compliance Cairns Aquarium COVID Statement of Compliance  (73 kb)

Ticket Purchase

  • All persons entering the Cairns Aquarium must hold a valid ticket that must be retained at all times and submitted for inspection if required by any member of staff. Failure to produce a valid admission ticket on request may result in removal from the attraction.
  • Tickets available include Adult (15+ years), Child (3-14 years), Concession (includes Senior Citizens, Students, Pensioners and disabled visitors upon presentation of a recognised Seniors, Student, Pension or Carers Card. Note: Health Care Cards are not accepted as a Concession), Family Ticket (2 Adults + 2 Children)
  • Children under 3 years of age are admitted free to Cairns Aquarium and therefore do not require an entry ticket.
  • Children aged 14 years and under must be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult aged 18 years or over.
  • Single ticket purchased entitles one person to full day admission on entry to the Cairns Aquarium. Family tickets entitles entry of the nominated family group for full day admission on day of entry. In instances where visitors leave the Cairns Aquarium and plan to re-visit after a gap (example lunch in restaurant, car parking), please ask for a stamp from the Front of House Admissions Desk to enable return same day entry.
  • General admission tickets purchased directly from Cairns Aquarium admissions or Cairns Aquarium website, may be upgraded to an Annual Pass ticket during the guests visit and upon presentation of the admission receipt. Tickets purchased via third party resellers are not available for upgrade to an Annual Pass.
  • Group Tickets for parties of 15 are available at discounted rates. A Group is determined as being 15 or more paying customers on the same booking. Payment for a group must be made as one sum and not on an individual basis.
  • All tickets purchased online require the visitor to produce evidence of purchase upon arrival at Cairns Aquarium. Ticket/s will be sent to the contact details nominated by the visitor at time of purchase upon successful completion of the transaction. Foreign exchange fees may be applied to some transactions at the discretion of the guest's bank or card issuer.
  • Once acquired, whether by purchase or on a complimentary basis, entry tickets and gift cards are non-refundable, non-transferable and void if altered. If Cairns Aquarium reasonably believes that a ticket is not valid it will not be honoured. If lost, tickets will not be replaced. Entry tickets are not valid for special events that require a separate admission charge.
  • Unless specified tickets will include entry to most, but not all, areas of Cairns Aquarium. Entry to restricted areas or animal encounter enclosures require additional payment.
  • Tickets under special promotions may be available subject to availability and subject to any terms and conditions affecting the particular promotion.
  • All orders are subject to credit card approval (Annual Passes, Gift Cards and General Admission Tickets). Pre-booked credit card purchases will require validation on check in at Cairns Aquarium Admissions (i.e customers are required to provide the same credit card that was used for original purchase for sighting). Management reserve the right to take reasonable action to safeguard against credit card fraud.

Pre-booked Tickets

  • Pre-booked tickets purchased via the Cairns Aquarium website should be produced by the visitor on arrival for inspection and will be scanned to check validity. Scanning may be in the form of a staff member physically scanning the ticket or self-scanning at the entry turnstiles
  • Pre-booked Tickets may not be used in conjunction with any voucher, promotion or special offer

Tours and Encounters

For full terms and conditions for each of Cairns Aquariums Tours and Animal Encounters please download the Animal Encounter Forms below or call Reservations to ask our friendly staff for more information. Animal Encounter Forms

Our Policies At The Cairns Aquarium

The Cairns Aquarium is a public, for profit company dedicated to affecting the conservation of aquatic and terrestrial life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action. To ensure the best experience for both our visitors as well as the animals in our care, we have several policies that visitors to the Aquarium should be aware of. Please take note of these policies to help maximize your experience.

Environment and Sustainability Policy

Cairns Aquarium is committed to supporting and finding ways to protect our environment for a better future. We understand that the actions that we take on a daily basis can make a difference to the preservation of the ancient, diverse and often fragile ecosystems that surround us in tropical North Queensland. Not only do we undertake actions to reduce our impact on the earth and its natural resources, we also set out to educate others to do the same. 

Cairns Aquarium's Environmental Sustainability Policy has recently been reviewed and updated to formalise and define our commitment to this important issue. It is endorsed and supported by the highest level of management and underpins our business practises. Download a copy here.


Behaviour Policy

Cairns Aquarium is committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for visitors of all ages. Visitors are expected to behave in an appropriate, respectful and positive manner when interacting with other guests, our staff and animals.

Unruly or unsafe behaviour that endangers people or animals, disrupts other guests’ ability to enjoy their visit, or interferes with business operations will not be tolerated and can result in ejection without a refund.

Cairns Aquarium requires all guests to wear shirts and shoes during their visit and reserves the right to deny entry and eject any individual without liability from the aquarium and aquarium property.

When deemed necessary, all bags, backpacks, and packages may be inspected prior to entering the Aquarium. Cairns Aquarium retains the right at all times to refuse admissions or request visitors to leave if they are in violation of our policies

If at any time during your visit you are made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or unsafe, please report your concern to an Aquarium staff member who can be clearly identified by their uniform and name badge.


As per the Queensland Smoking Regulation by-law, smoking (including e-cigarettes) is prohibited anywhere on Aquarium property, including outdoor areas unless signed as a designated smoking area.

Accredited Service Animals & Pets

For the safety of your pet and our animals, pets are not allowed in our facility. We allow accredited trained service and emotional support animals within the Aquarium upon presentation of proper documentation and an identification jacket for your service animal. For the safety of our visitors, we request that pets not be left unattended at any time outside our facility.

Prohibited Items

For the health and safety of guests and our animals the following items are not permitted to be

  • Clothing with offensive or vulgar language
  • Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, recreational drugs
  • Roller blades, roller skates, wheelies, skateboards, child scooters, hover boards (These items may be left with admission staff and collected upon exiting)
  • Laser pens and pointers
  • Noise making devices
  • Any other items deemed to be dangerous or inappropriate by aquarium staff

Plastic bottles, straws and lids can fall into animal habitats and this can be very dangerous to the animals. While these items are not prohibited we do ask that you take care and dispose of these items responsibly in the garbage receptacles provided.

Balloons and bubbles can also pose a risk to animal health so these can be left at the admissions desk and collected after your visit. Bubbles are also not permitted within the Aquarium as the detergent used in bubbles can pose a risk to animal health.


We love it when our guests enjoy taking and sharing images of the many amazing animals that live at the Cairns Aquarium but please note that any images you take are for your personal use only, and cannot be used for commercial purposes without written consent from Cairns Aquarium. For the health and safety of our animals, photo extension poles (selfie sticks) as well as all electronic devices may not be used to cross into the exhibits. Thank you for your consideration.

To obtain professional photography or videography consent please note that fees may apply. For permission to film please contact reservations@cairnsaquarium.com.au outlining your project and filming requirements.

Unaccompanied Youth

Youth 15 years and over may enter the facility without an accompanying adult. Appropriate ID or other proof of age must be presented. Children 14 years and under must be accompanied by a paying adult or guardian aged 18 or over at all times. Cairns Aquarium reserves the right to verify the age and identity of any unaccompanied minor or young guardians.

Emergency Services

Missing Person

In the event that a child or someone with a medical condition or special needs goes missing, we know what to do and where to look to find your party member safely and efficiently. Please alert a staff member immediately and they will accompany you to a designated meeting spot and ensure the search protocol is started.

First Aid

In the event that you or someone in your party requires first aid, please alert a staff member right away. They will call our first aid attendants to assist you.

Lost and Found

If you notice that you have lost something during your visit and you are still in the Aquarium please notify a staff member or report this to Admissions Staff. If you notice the item is missing after you leave the Aquarium please contact us right away as we have Lost and Found Area for safekeeping of lost items. Contact Us Here


Why do we collect your personal information ?

Collecting your information is essential for us to provide our updated products and services to you, for market research and email communication. You may receive newsletters, promotional emails and special offers from us from time to time and we hope you find these emails informative however you may choose to unsubscribe at any time. This information also helps us to understand your needs, enabling us to provide you with a greater quality of service.

How do we collect personal information ?

Collection may include requesting information by phone, filling out membership and annual pass forms, advising place of origin on check-in, providing your business card to us or e-mailing us your details. We only collect information when you knowingly provide it and may include your name, birthday, address, phone number, email address and purchase history.

Do we disclose your personal information to anyone ?

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our visitors in line with the Australian Privacy Policy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988. We may disclose your personal information where you have consented to us doing so, or where we are required or authorised by law to disclose your personal information. We will never sell or licence out Personal Information to third parties.

Is your personal information up-to-date ?

It is important that the personal information we collect is accurate, complete and up-to-date. You can contact us at any time to update your personal information and please advise if some-one no longer works at your organisation.

Is your personal information secure ?

We take all reasonable precautions to safeguard your personal information from misuse, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. When your information is no longer required or you advise us you no longer wish to be contacted, we securely destroy it from our systems unless where it is required for legal purposes. Please notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account.

Can you access your personal information ?

You may request access to the information we hold about you by contacting us. In some cases, we may be required by law to retain your personal information after you have ceased your relationship with us.

Does your personal information leave the country ?

We collect personal information to use for digital marketing purposes and work with a third party email service provider called WordFly, based in Seattle, USA, to send emails to our marketing databases. Details of WordFlys Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.wordfly.com/privacy-policy.

What about sensitive information ?

Sensitive information can be about racial or ethnic origin, membership of a profession or trade, personal health or other personal information. We only collect, use or disclose sensitive information about you as is allowed by law.

Our privacy policy may change from time to time.

We constantly review our policies and procedures to keep up-to-date with changes in law, technology and the needs of our guests and we may change this policy from time to time.

Can you complain about a breach of your privacy ?

You may lodge a concern or complaint with us by emailing us at info@cairnsaquarium.com.au or writing to the General Manager, 5 Florence St, Cairns, Queensland, 4870 Australia. We will endeavour to respond to your concern within 14 days of receiving. For additional information on privacy visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website: www.privacy.gov.au or contact the Office of the Australia Information Commissioner on 1300 363 992 or online at www.oaic.gov.au.